How To Taking Public Transportation

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Nuzil Blog Community - Do you often use public transport when going to travel? If you answer yes, then you should consider several things before doing so. please read some tips to how Taking Public Transportation below so you are safe and comfortable during their stay in the way.

1. Good Planning
It will be time consuming if you don't know the route that you're going to take. Plan ahead by asking your friends about it or browsing on the Net. Knowing what kind of public transportation you can take, how much the fare is, and how long the wait is can be very helpful. If you need to ask, ask a policeman or someone you think you can trust. Don't hesitate to ask other people about alternative routes. Always keep your money in two separate wallets, one for your fare and small coins, and the other for emergency situations.

2. Dress and pack smartly.
Dress in simple clothes and avoid wearing expensive garments, jewelry, watches, etc. that will attract unwanted attention. If you need to go to some fancy place, bring extra clothes in your bag or cover yourself in a simple light coat. Pack your bag with simple necessities that you truly need. It will be easier to carry some luggage to reduce the chance of being a target of thieves. Keep your bag on your lap.

3. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings.
Avoid reading a book, listening to your MP3, or checking your text message if it's not urgent. Don't show your cell phone or other electronic devices. Dozing off in the bus is certainly a no-no unless you're with a trusted friend. Stay alert by observing your surroundings, especially the passengers near you. Always remember what your grandmother said "don't talk to strangers." Be aware of people who seem suspicious who are trying to steal your belongings. Change your seat if you feel uncomfortable. If you are waiting as the bus stop, do it at a place where it's bright and where there are other people.

4. Choose your seat wisely.
Experts sat the best position to sit on public transportation is near the driver. But don't sit too close to the door since a thief can easily snatch your bag and jump off. Find an aisle seat where it will be easier to get to the exit fast and get off if something bad happens.
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