Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Nuzil Blog Community ?
Nuzil Blog Community is a blog that was made as a means of channeling information to the Internet users. Until now incorporated in the Community Blog Nuzil blog has reached four.

Can I became a member of Nuzil Blog Community?
Can. All Internet users can join to be part of Nuzil Blog Community. Both as a writer and gives advice on what to in the article published.

Do I have to have a blog to become a member of Nuzil Blog Community?
No. You are not required to to have a blog so they can become a large family of Nuzil Blog Community, even if you do not have a blog you can join as an author or giving an idea of ​​what material will be published.

How do I join Nuzil Blog Community?
Quite easy, you simply send the data themselves and to our current email. For more details, you can view information about us at Contact Us.

Will I get paid if you join a writer in Nuzil Blog Community?
No. Nuzil Blog Community is not a non-profit organization. Here you are given the opportunity to share information to other fellow internet users.

The theme of what can be published by Nuzil Blog Community?
Until now we still accept all the themes that feel useful for Internet users over the theme that the lift does not violate our Terms of Service.
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