Sumatra-Java region Ring of Fire

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Less than a week, some areas of Indonesia hit by earthquake. Threat of a major earthquake in Indonesia Indonesia is probably because the area is a regional ring of fire (ring of fire), which is a common area of ​​earthquake and volcanic eruption.

"The probability equal, there are regions along the ring of fire that has the threat from small to large scale," says earthquake expert at the University of Indonesia (UI) Abdul Haris while talking to AFP on Monday (4/16/2012).

Harris describes the ring of fire in Aceh, Indonesia stretches from the Sunda Strait continued to decline to extend along the sea coast to the south of Yogyakarta. Even reach the Banda. Conditions of the crust beneath a pile of Indonesia and the confluence of two major plates, namely the Eurasian plate and Indo-Australia. Movement at one point in the slab region could trigger movement on other points.

"Because of the pile and the meeting of Indo-Australia plate and Eurasia is what we call in one region. So if one moves, there must be implications for the surrounding areas. Like the earthquake in Aceh, when linked to a row. It can indeed happen when regional speech, Aceh and Sunda strait that's one zone, the subduction zone, "said Haris.

But he said the implications of moving from one point to another does not occur directly. There are periods of time requires that the slab releases energy. He cited the massive earthquake that triggered the tsunami in Aceh in 2004 in a span of time also triggered earthquakes in other regions such as Bengkulu, Banten and Bantul few months later.

If you see a pattern like that, he said, could be the area in the southern sea coast will be hit by an earthquake in the future as the implications of plate movements in Aceh and the Strait of Sunda, because it is still a region.

Still, Harris said the earthquake can not be predicted even though the global patterns can be analyzed based on the data.

"So if we're talking earthquakes we know not yet know how the predictions, when they occurred. If diakait-associate has to do. But it's rather difficult as well when speaking of data, because the principle activities of the earthquake geology, plate tectonics. From the Sunda Strait until it is a subduction zone Aceh , piles of plates. And the movement of the slab was in fact only 2 cm per year. It was a very small movement. It moves beneath the ocean menujam below, the continents on it. What's menujam under layer with a high temperature that can trigger the destruction of and shock, "he concluded

Less than a week ago, the massive earthquake measuring 8.4 magnitude shook northern Sumatra region. This earthquake has resulted in 10 people died. Until now, small-scale aftershocks continue to occur. On April 15 in the morning, turn Pandeglang, Banten SR 6 earthquake rocked. The quake panicked residents who had lived in Ujung Kulon but not to cause casualties.

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