Member of Parliament : Police Late to Handle Motorcycle Gang

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Member of Commission III, Ahmad Yani, assessing police motorcycle gang late deal at the moment considering the act of disturbing the public motorcycle gang that's been happening since a few years ago.

"I look at the handling of this motorcycle gang is already too late. Because this problem has happened a few years ago," said Yani in the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Monday (04/16/2012).

In fact, the last act of motorcycle gangs in Jakarta, has the potential to be the friction between the military and police. Therefore, the suspected death toll from the action of the motorcycle gang members of the Navy.

"Moreover, there is a statement of the Armed Forces Commander also be the victim of internal Navy. So there are other potential conflict of inter-unit-unit occurs in the security forces," he said.

Politicians of the United Development Party (PPP) is suppose sweeping and attacks by well-built motor and crew cut in Jakarta a few days ago, is a form of revenge for the death of their colleague.

"Why is revenge, because they no longer believe the law worked well. So, he made his own law, he would enforce its own laws. It is called" Street Justice "or street legal. Well in our country, it can not be tolerated," he said.

He said that if the police and the community to walk with their respective functions, the act of revenge that has not happened.

Yani is no longer satirize intensive police patrolling the streets. "It used to patrol the motor a lot done. But, our country's warm chicken droppings. Therefore, we must strictly follow the motorcycle gangs," he added.

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